Sunday, April 01, 2012

I think the zinnias are up... seed list

First seeds up this year look like the zinnia flowers.  And I am here on the last day of my weekend off going through all of the saved seeds and freezer seeds from last year and trying to see what to do next.  It is still mighty early for most things - and I hope I did not plant the beans too soon.  If I did - they were not the last ones of any of those varieties, and it can be tried again.  A lot of the seed I am listing will stay in the freezer packets.  We also like to stock up on the (29 centers) cheap seeds especially for flowers  - I grabbed a lot of the squashes and carrots and herbs that way last year - for this year - as well.

Note to self:
I need to plant the radishes all around the zucchinis this year - it was just after it became too hot for the radishes to grow well that the bugs took off in there last year.  Mark suggests leaving the last crop to bolt so the sharp tasting greens are still in there when the bugs hatch out.

I also have some lavendar and tomatoes which need to be started in the garage.  But, I am not a great one at watering seedlings when they are not in front of my face every day.  Just ask my houseplants!

These are the seeds in the freezer bucket - some are just a very few seeds, half-packets and some are what we bought last year in anticipation for this year.

Kentucky Wonder pole bean
Black Shackamaxon beans (planted some already)
Dragons Tongue
scarlet runner beans (ornamental)
Lina Sisco's bird egg beans
Mountaineer Half runner bean + co-op pack says 'half runner' and looks similar
Mississippi silver hulled cowpea (package + saved seed from crop + co-op)
Mayflower bean (package + saved seed)
 Pawnee shell bean
Dwarf horticultural beans
last of the purchased 'whipporwill' cowpeas + saved seed from crop
 King of the Early bean
Hutterite soup bean
Maria Amazalatei's bean
Dapple grey bush bean
Bosnian pole bean
Dragons Lingerie bean (prob same as tongue bean above)
Pinto beans
Goldrush wax beans

Blue Jade sweet variety
Ornamental indian corn variety 'rainbow mixed color' (planted last year) 
strawberry popcorn
peaches and creme corn
yellow jarvis field corn
saved seed from last year 6 divisions

Wormwood (to plant near other things for insect control)
summer savory
Joe Pye Weed
Lavendar (start inside)
lemon basil

Amish paste tomatoes - just a few seeds in one packet
Black Plum tomatoes from seed savers
Roma tomato seed

sunflower chianti / sunset / last years mix
white popping sorghum seeds left over
broom corn saved seed
morning glory (blue, pink)
canary climber + several unpronounceable climbers
cardinal flower
gourd mix, bottle mix, dipper mix, saved gourds
Grand Rapids lettuce (freebie last year)
calendula (29)

orange/ yellow marigolds (29)
giant marigold (29)
red and yellow jester marigolds (29)
red and yellow french marigolds (29)
gaillairdias (29)
green lentils
dipper gourds
Pickling cucumbers (29)
scarlet nantes carrots (29)
short zahoria carrots
chantanay carrots (co op)
dixie butterpeas
giant english peas
California black eye #5 cowpeas (29)

Cherry Belle Radishes
Salad Rose radishes
Spanish black radish
Trial Summer squash packets
Black Beauty squash (pepo type)
Ingot summer squash (pepo type)
Waltham butternut (moschata type)
Table Queen squash (maxima type) (29)
Small sugar pumpkin (pepo type) (29)
Connecticut field pumpkin (pepo type) (50)
Jarrahdale blue pumpkin (maxima type) (29)
Grey Zucchini heirloom (pepo type)  (29)
Red Jalapeno peppers (29)
bell pepper mixture seed
Spinach (1/2)
Painted Daisy two packets - never came up last year at all

Planted today:
lemon basil, saved basil seed, dill seed, calendula, dragon's tongue beans, grand rapids lettuce
conn.field pumpkin (3) pepo
table queen (3) maxima
waltham butternut (3) moschata
ingot summer squash
peaches n creme sweet corn
gourds (saved)

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