Saturday, April 21, 2012

Painting by Mom

"That is me, up there.", she says.
It is a painting of her, by mom.

Esme asked me to paint a picture of her yesterday - while she was wearing the blue hat.  I obliged with her watercolors and a piece of cardstock.  This is a very cheap frame to keep it 'good' for a while.

A while back the nurse prescribed some allergy medicine for her coughing, and she has been getting it every night at 8 pm, but it still isn't working really well.  She has slept through the night a bit better... without waking up for an hour coughing, but we probably have to see if we can see the doctor and try something else.  Her nose seems to be always full and she won't blow it - and the nurse said there was no chest congestion, just post nasal stuff.

I went out in the garden and planted Pawnee shell beans, and more herbs in the places where they have been reluctant to take.  It was too cold out there and Esme was insisting on being with me - so I cut it short at that and came inside.  She is now playing with a balloon around the house and watching Scooby Doo.  I'll try to give her another eucalyptus bath before bed.  I've been watering 'greenhouse' starts inside and some of the beans are VERY early.  The tomatoes and peppers are all making niceties.  Whenever this cold spell breaks and we get into 'summery' temperatures I will put the seedlings out and plant the cowpeas.  That probably will be the first week of May.

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