Friday, April 20, 2012

raining down on sprouts

'waiting ten minutes' 
for the rain to stop, which sadly, it did not.

funny face - Daddy said this Grandma needs to see this one.
This was part of her describing about the 'ten minutes' 
and how then she could go outside in the hat
and play and be a lady.

I call this the Curious George smile she does.
She really thought the hat was going to do enough
to protect her out in the rain.

We are having a good rainstorm now - needed it for a week or more.  I just got off of work two hours ago and when I got home something pushed me to put the potatoes in the ground that Mark had suggested we plant instead of throw out.  The Resilient Gardener has a chapter about potatoes, as well.  I read it yesterday so was armed with knowledge today.  I put in 11 hills of potatoes and a few scant rows of sunflower seeds (real seed bearing ones) and the rain began to fall down on my shoulders just as I finished the second to last packet of seeds.

Mark is warming up some of the barbeque he made the other night (cooked all night from a roast), and Esme is watching Scooby Doo after being very disappointed by the rain.  We have not yet run water pipe to the west field, so it needed it, too.  I hope the seeds there were waiting for it and had not rotted yet.  We will need to buy or dig a bag of compost material to put over the potatoes in another week - so they will stay buried in the ground for a good time.  I was only able to dig down about 5 inches before hitting clay - so the book says the rest can be made up by hilling good earth over the top of it and then composting and mulching to keep the spuds safely out of the sunlight to avoid greening of the new potatoes.

Oh how I would love to make this: Sami octagonal hut - it reminds me of the 'Universe House' that I used to draw in my dream drawings.  It is too large of a job for me right now, though.  Although, I could see making one of these on a vacation one year... and spending my birthday solstice morning in it - as the door would have to face East with the ventilation windows to the North, Northeast, South and Southeast.  East is the Sunrise and West is the Sunset.  The door would have to face dawn and not dusk. 

And anyway, what we really need is a barn :)  Mark and I have been planning that out on paper to be a dugout barn on the bottom level and a hayloft and plant starting greenhouse on the second level.  He has a place in mind and is working up a plan.

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