Tuesday, April 03, 2012

planted flowers and a few thoughts

I planted flowers today in the tires in front of the garden, and along the fence.  Morning glories, moonflower, cardinal climbers, scarlet runner beans and other things along the fence, hollyhocks, marigolds, lupines and gaillairdias in a few other places.  In the garden I planted chamomile, savory, sage, lina sisco beans and a single solitary zucchini seed.  The sisco beans are all along the front edge of the corn on the house side of the garden.   The pumpkin seedlings from yesterday seem to be doing well and taking to their new home.  And - the lima beans are up!  I was happy about that - as that was the only one I used all of my seed on.  It is the Florida speckled lima beans and there were eight seeds total. I need to redo my map again now - as there were lots of additions.

The other day in the car Esme was describing all of the things she was seeing - and Mark turned to me and said 'see, you were worried about her language development, and you got her speech therapy for it.... and it's working.'  It is working, and it hasn't been much more than a month, with classes once a week - but she has more to talk about, and more she wants to do, and just a larger pool of communication to draw upon.  The teacher called it 'auditory bombardment' which is tech speak for 'she hears more - she'll talk more.'  And she still mixes some things up but it is getting so much more understandable.  She gets so serious sometimes though we fall out laughing at her - which she hates.  She also still has fits where we want her to do something and she pretends to be too little, falls on the floor, and then screams 'don't leave WAIT' when we walk away.  That is just being four years old.  We tell her she is not too little, she can pick up her toys/use the bathroom/put dishes in the sink whatever it is - and she should do it or she will have to just stay there on the floor while we go about our business.  We've put the 'very unhappy' foot down on the PT again and she has gotten much better with it - there were days there she thought she could go through eight pairs of pants and not be yelled at about it.

Yesterday I told Esme she was not being sweet - and she did not understand.  She was 'Esme' not sweet - not taste like juice.  *roll eyes*  OK.  So I explained it was when she did nice things, nice like sweet things, like drinking juice makes her happy.  She understood that in context.  And that we like to "be sweet" and do nice things.  So - point is, when I told her we had to go to sleep early and she did not like it - she came back from pouting near her bed and stood by my ear.  I was trying to sleep, and she says to me 'Mama.  This is not sweet.'  HUH?  'What is not sweet?' I asked her.  'Bed.  I don't want to sleep.  This is not sweet.'  Well okay then... I told her I could tuck her in and give her a kiss goodnight and that would be sweet.  She agreed but was sad about it - yes - that would be sweet... but she was still not happy.  She did go to sleep knowing that the sun would come back.  She is so happy that she is 'strong' and can do things like open the doors for the dogs, and get things off of shelves at the supermarket.  She was 'helping with the getting of the foods' at the grocery store, pushing the cart (very slowly and not so accurately) and taking directions of where to go and helping to get the food into the cart.  It was a bit tedious - but she was very happy to be helping.  She has also learned the words 'It is my job', although she says 'it is me' sometimes for this or 'it is you' instead of 'your job'.  She really wants to do her 'jobs.'

Today we were waiting for dinner to be ready and she was dancing in front of her reflection in the patio screen door.  She said she was little, but she goes to school, and the kids at school like her, so she will grow big.  She says 'people in the big town don't like it' when it is something someone at school has told her not to do or to do differently.  However, she will also say it about things like not bringing your food outside the kitchen or having a bath etc. because the teacher has told her to please not play with her clothes at school, and that they do not take baths at school (but I doubt she has really explained to her WHY in context.)  She also told Daddy once that he should not take a nap in the bed during the daytime because the people in the big town don't like it - 'adults' do not take naps at her school, either.   She still has not learned that rules at one place and one situation are different than rules at another - but that is a lesson she needed to learn as well and would not 'get' just at home.  The other night when I was going to give her a bath she asked 'You wanna wash my hair, dont'cha no?'  She would not get in the bathtub unless I promised no hair washing.  I really hope she doesn't ask that next time I DO have to wash it - as I will have to tell her yes.  She is always thinking about something - although she will never admit she is 'thinking' - for some reason she hates that word.  She is not going to school tomorrow because of spring break - but I have not told her that.  She will be very mad when she realizes too many days have gone by.  She already argues when she goes to bed that it is Wednesday tomorrow - and we say no, it is (whatever day it is) and then say Friday, Green, Three etc.  She does not like that game at all!  She is getting more understandable - but sometimes we still have to guess.  She wanted her kitty cat sprinkler today and we thought she was talking about a movie inside.  She said she reached for it and it went round and round and then it fell and oh no.  We got worried - thinking she had knocked down a pile of DVDs or dropped a folder etc... But then I realized she meant the sprinkler that went round and round - and she had dropped it off of the wellhouse where we had put it up from the dogs.  She is explaining to Daddy right now about how he needs to get the toy that goes fly on the hands and spin spin spins and goes UP.  She pointed to the toy she meant and it is charging on the batteries.  She is telling it needs to get ready and be blinking and pretty until it can fly up.  She knows I have been planting 'food' in the garden - but it will take a long time to grow, and it is corn and carrots and 'Mama' foods and flowers :)  She just told me to 'come on Mom - you have work to do - you have to sew something - over there, cmon, I'll show you.'  Then she decided we needed to play kitties instead.

We were watching a semi-scary robot movie the other day - and she was watching it with us.  It was quite mild, cheesy scary stuff.  She saw a spider on the floor and freaked about it.  We told her it wouldn't hurt her, it was okay, but she was serious about getting rid of that spider before she could rest.  So, we told her to step on it if she seriously thought it was a bad spider - she said NO I'm too little it will bite me!  We laughed - and then told her she could hit it with a shoe.  She got this weird little smile and said 'OH. haha.  Yea. I could.'  She put on one of my shoes and went over to where she had seen the spider and said 'Oh, I'm not too little now, I am STRONG, but it is gone and I no hit it.'  Then she put the shoe away and went and sat with her knees up on the bed and made sure she could see any spiders that might come by for the rest of the movie.

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