Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hooded Blue sweater finished and water to the west field

I finished Esme's blue hooded sweater, that was began in December. The warm weather is nearly here already, but not quite. She insisted on the hood, and it has already been used in the rain.

There is also lots of room to grow for next year. The buttons are large, so she can do them herself. I didn't have more than five of anything, so added one pretty green button for the very top.

Lion's Brand 'Vanna's Choice' in royal blue, size 7 straight needles, size 7 circular needle, crochet hook (large) to finish edging on bottom and on hood.  Pattern: Red Heart seed stitch cardigan with alterations and a by-the-fly hood based on a few other patterns I found online.

We also went to town today and bought the twenty foot plumbing pipe to run water to the field corn in the west field.  An hour after we were home, there was water running down there!  The corn and hubbard squash that are coming up down there (and sunflowers later) will be very happy.  We are on our way to having enough ground and infrastructure to feed turkeys or chickens in the future.. or whatever else we plan to bring here.  In the short term, I can experiment with the field corn genetics and try to learn more about what is the best seed to keep, select and grow for storage over the winter.

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