Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Still battling the headache, so I barely noticed that it is winter solstice! Mark and Esme went out shopping today and apparently hit three towns looking for stuff, some of it sneaky.... pretty cool as Mark does not like crowds and there were lots of them out there. He says he bought Esme a 'big gift' spontaneously - also surprising. After that I wonder if I should spontaneously (haha not so much now) get the other thing I was thinking about for her.

So it is the longest night of the year. After tomorrow they will start getting shorter again and more daylight. YIPPEE! I just hope Esme lets me sleep in a tiny bit tomorrow, some time past 7:30 am... as I don't need to be into work until after one. But - it might be nice to go out a bit earlier and be sneaky myself.

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