Sunday, December 05, 2010

tiny things...

Waiting on the four days I get off this week - separated by two other days! *ha*... Tuesday/Wed then Sat/Sun. I hope to get a lot done on those days. There are several items cut out and waiting. I wonder if I should make her a dress to match 'Cinderella'... the work dress where she sings to the mice and birds with light blue sleeves, black bodice and brown skirt with white apron. She asked to watch it again last night. Christmas is coming quicker than it looks - I was in the store looking at Cinderella stuff for her and found hardly anything I thought would stand up to her, not get lost in ten dozen pieces and wasn't terribly expensive. There was just one thing I would consider buying for her, and I'm not sure she is old enough to appreciate it. So - I'm going to stick with the make her own playset sort of idea, a dress like hers and mice and birds to sing to? That fits her personality. I've made one 'mousie' and bought another, and will need to make a bluebird or two for her :)

Nana called last night and said she got the 'book' (one month of blog posts) I sent her, and the pictures. She was so happy - which is nice. She had cataract surgery last week so my stepfather helped her read the blog content but she could see the pictures really well. She said Esme looked like a princess in the pink petal dress.

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Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

What a wonderful gift! I have a friend whose mother sewed all of the princess dresses and outfits from the movies for her grandaughters. They were beautiful and much better quality than in the stores. It is wonderful you have the skills to make such wonderful gifts for your daughter. I can;t wait to see them.