Saturday, December 11, 2010

library and calendar

I started Esme on a calendar yesterday - just to show her now and then how we are getting to Christmas, and other things that we do. I've taped it up to the whiteboard in our living room and put pictures on Christmas Day, Daddy's birthday (a few days ago) and today (library). I made a little kitty icon that will 'walk' to each day to show where we are. I don't think she understands it right now - but has some idea because she told me today that the kitty was a 'morningtime kitty' ;) Last night before we went to bed I told her when it was morningtime the kitty would go to the next day. She also pretended to read the days of the week from left to right and got most of them right again today - she said Friday a few times, though .. I really think she "reads" at this stage by memorizing first and last letters and also the number of letters in the word. She told me 'STAR' was 'SEA' and 'PENGUIN' was 'POPCORN' today, as well as getting a lot of other ones right.

We are playing with some letters and counting elephants and watching Big Red Dog. Esme is mostly ready and Daddy is in the bathtub. I'm being directed to go sit in car bed and play book ;)

It is cold and rainy outside -- so we'll see what happens today! We might have to go to the library later if the rain doesn't last long.

Later: We did go to the library and Esme played her puzzle game on the computer and played with the big cardboard blocks. I found her a few books at the 25 cent sale counter that I hope she will like. We stopped at the store and bought some candy canes and christmas stickers (very very hard to find!) She didn't see the candy canes - I put them in a cupboard until later next week. I would like to make Esme a stocking but I feel it will take me too long to knit.... might try to sew her one up anyway. We were watching Christmas youtubes (old Disney etc) and she really liked that last night.

Did the laundry before we left. I really, really need to pick up the house a bit more today... the rain makes that a hard task all dim and cold all the animals inside under foot. But, we will start somewhere and see where we get.

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