Saturday, December 11, 2010

pattering about with the patterns...

Spending several hours today just paging through Ebay listings of patterns... not even intending to buy! And I didn't... because with what size 3 and 4 patterns I have there are so many things I can make for Esme. But, I have to pick and choose within my time! That is hard. I'm writing this to record a little thought for the future... so many patterns out there size 5,6,7,8.... will she even want Mumum to sew her anything when she gets to those sizes? Will it matter anymore, then? Time changes so much and quicker than we think it ever could. At this moment she is carrying the kitten to the dog and having the kitten's head licked. We are about to sit down to soup and fish sticks. There is a pair of pants ready to be hemmed about the waist and ankles at my machine, and I should cut out another soon. And Esme really wants her Osaka fabric to be 'made dress'.... but I'm scared to start it without making my changes to the pattern in another fabric first. But, she is wearing the 'Cinderella' dress and I've put it on her every day possible that it is clean... so I should just dive in and do it. Really, I should.

They are hard to see, but she is wearing the long 'bell bottom' pants pattern. It has plenty of room to grow. She is also wearing the Cinderella dress which was washed again this morning in the laundry. It is getting good hard use! It just fits so much better than her other 'shirts'. So - that being so, I did start the Osaka dress... here is the front of it. Somehow I ended up having to add another small band to the front stomach area... weird especially when I was trying to make that area LONGER when I cut it out, not shorter!

Emptying toys out of a business box we have, after she put them all in there on top of her 'memory' game cards.

Now she is down to just the memory cards, tossing out a counting kitty for good measure, and sitting on the cards.

front of the Osaka dress
Butterick 2194, again, with alterations

Getting everything to lay 'flat' and nice together is the only thing that takes a lot of attention with this one. The scissors are pointing to the area that tries to buckle up when attaching together, and then again when trying to attach the skirt all the way around.

I did the different color skirt again, zipper back, 1/2 inch extra cut on the front neckline, and long sleeves from a modern pattern I have. It should look a lot like the Cinderella dress when it is done, with a brown skirt and floral sleeves.

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