Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve note

Mark gave Esme her big wheel tricycle early, and she pushed it around the kitchen for a while. She really likes the flag - kept getting off to play with it and get a chair to go look at it closer again. Her feet are on the pedals when they are in the 'near' position but don't reach in the 'far' position.. so she will have to wait until Spring to really pedal it. But we're sure she'll be tall enough then!

Esme is napping on the bed now watching Cinderella. It is supposed to snow tonight and there were a few ice crystals in the air when we got home. I'll hang her sock up soon and if she doesn't wake up before ten I'll start to put everything into it! Grandma and Grandpa would like us up there about ten-thirty tomorrow morning.

Sewing blurb: My patterns arrived in the mail while I was at Grandma's with Esme. I took a project up there with me, newspaper to alter the Butterick pattern into the Simplicity jumper and shirt. I checked the mail on the way down and found the 'dirndl' dresses :) But... as I'd already done the altered drawing - I cut out the shirt when I got home. I'm hoping I did a good job altering. First thing, I'm awful at making up collars out of thin air... holding my breath there, we'll see. I also made the 'tails' of the shirt longer, as I tend to make shirts on the short side otherwise. It took every little bit of a green remnant to cut the pieces for a collared, 'puff' sleeved, button-up shirt. Now, to sew it! I might just tack the sides and shoulders together and work on just the collar tonight.

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