Tuesday, December 14, 2010

small goals during the cold weather

a few little goals this week:

knit a second scarf (about half done) so Esme can wear mine when we go outside and I will be warm, too. After the scarf I will think about her Christmas stocking some more - I don't think it would be too tough to knit if I wasn't worrying about it FITTING anyone. haha.... I've knitted many pairs of socks but the fitting around the ankle always takes me the longest. Her picture book has yellow and red striped stockings and so did the video she saw the other day... odd coincidences so I think I'll use that theme, as well. We already have bought candy canes and a few little chocolates and a fuzzy mouse toy to put in it. And she will get an orange from Aunt Dot in there, too.

Hope with me Esme doesn't get a cold - I'd rather prevent one! I'm trying to keep her warm and eating good foods/drinking juice so she doesn't. Also need to be vigilant about her covers at night because she keeps throwing them off, then curling into a tiny ball in the middle of her bed when she gets cold again. I got some cranberry/pomegranate juice and am mixing it half and half with orange juice and she REALLY likes it. She sucked down three glasses of it yesterday mixed half again with some water. It was pretty amazing to watch. Trying to keep socks on her (not easy) and a sweatshirt over her dress when it is very cold. Also trying to keep her hair up in the front and down over her neck in the back. I know those are odd little 'goals' - but my instincts tell me that is how to keep her warm, and mommy instincts usually at least have something to them. Her hands stay warmer when she has socks and her hair down around her neck.

Also need to run the bath full tub before we go down there so she doesn't freeze waiting for it to fill up etc etc... She sneezed three or more times waiting for the the water to fill up last night and then I turned the heater on in the bathroom for us. The roman tub faucet was frozen so we were having to use the shower side of the tub to fill it up, which took forever. The heater made it tolerable.

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