Wednesday, December 29, 2010

progression projects

I saw an idea for sewing and/or knitting covers for the Swiffer on another blog (berlin's whimsy) - and I was just thinking about doing that this morning! I didn't want to do a full scrubbing of the floor and still wanted to clean up a little -- but Esme has the Swiffer hidden somewhere under her bed...and there are no cloths for it anymore. So, I probably should do up at least one out of some scrap fabric. It is a good idea to have around. Mark bought me another cone of dishcloth yarn for Christmas - I could knit one at work when the gloves are done. I also cut out a pair of red pants that I've been due to Esme since we bought the Osaka fabric. Her pink scarf (out of the pink yarn Esme bought me for Christmas!) is about a foot long and should be about three feet before it is done. It looks just like my green scarf but I might sew on fabric pockets for it instead of knitting them. The pants and scarf she said 'good job' when she saw me making them. She has her priorities! The scarf is so violently bright pink it will be hard to get any kind of photograph of it that does not burn eyeballs ;) I saw a few other little housewares projects out there in blogland and cruising Etsy - might use my time to make a few of those - some desk coasters and a needlebook and a toy robot.

I also swept the house, dusted some (never all.. just too much) and tried to whittle down Esme's large cardboard box collection to ones actually needed to hold what she has. Somehow they multiply - she loves boxes and containers and will spend a lot of time transferring items around, sitting in boxes, moving animals into and out of boxes, making forts and hiding/rattling toys around in them. We find the oddest combinations of things tucked away.

Esme is eating soup and is happy about it. She also ate some of my ramen noodles downstairs and was going to steal them from me, but I put my foot down. I let her have some but it is mean to tell mumum to 'move big butt I sit chair Esme's noodles' *scowl* I just kept telling her she could have some, did she want some - and eventually she took a forkful, ate it, said thank you and went back to her chair. I was pretty impressed, actually.

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