Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little words

Esme's latest words are 'this is so hard' (instead of 'too heavy' which she used to say for anything difficult), 'I can't pull', which she says for anything she is having difficulty but is trying to do, and 'this is very good' for food and drink she likes.

She will say 'I can't pull' for trying to get her other foot into the laundry basket and failing - for trying to open a container and failing, for trying to move something and failing. She wants help right then because she is trying but not getting the job done. If she has given up or is about to she will say 'this is so hard' and want someone else to do something for her.

Yesterday on Daddy's lap she was sitting 'reading' the computer with him and started counting things on the screen. She discovered a new number, he said. 'One, two, three, twelve, chicken!' There was no chicken. But, she was proud of herself - because Daddy laughed.

She is also singing along with the words to her Muppet Show more - and getting words right I didn't know she was paying attention to. She can sometimes be across the room playing with something else, not watching, and be singing along or narrating what is happening on the screen (not just muppets, tom and jerry, shaun whatever). Apparently she has seen her shows too much! She just has an excellent memory. When we were watching Fantasia for the second time EVER (for her) she was telling us what would come next seconds before it appeared.

I have to go into work today. It is supposed to snow and/or freezing rain this afternoon. :( I'm not looking forward to driving home in it and then back out tomorrow morning. At least our tub faucet is freed up again! We can have warm baths in less than an hour of wait time again ;) We were really lucky - I saw so many people with frozen and BROKEN pipes yesterday at work (knock on wood). A lot of people could not come to work because they were fixing things at their own houses. I am still working on the scarf and thinking about all things warm - hats, gloves etc... but I know they take so long for me to knit them! The scarf is three or four days on now and just about half or more done.

Later: Came home early from work as the roads were getting slippery - good thing I did. The main road was fine, but the road our house is on (about three miles down) was a skating rink. The truck pulled to the side at about five or six different places even going 15 mph... There is one place there I've been stuck before that would have been quite difficult to get up (more so than it was) if the weather had been worse. Mark made pizza. Esme woke up in the middle of our eating from her nap - but instead of wanting to join in for pizza she wanted to go downstairs and take a bath. Her nose was stuffed up - so I saw her logic and put my pizza in the fridge. I took the opportunity to wash and condition her hair -- which she did not like, but purple bubbles made that all better. Now she is happily eating pizza and saying it is 'mmmm mmmmm yummy'. It sounds much stranger in person - I had to hear her say it twice before I realized what she meant ;)

I'm not quite done with the scarf but I've started her Christmas stocking... making good progress.

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Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

One of the most amazing things about being a parent is listening to all of the things our little ones come up with. Carter uses similar phrases - "tastes goog" (not a typo), "no like it" - both for when he is full and when he really doesn't like something. "so cool" - when he encounters something new that he likes. The tome of their voice and the glint in their eyes is what gets me. Like Esme and the chicken counting. Dan and I just spent a half and hour doing little impressions of all the cute things Carter says.