Sunday, December 12, 2010


view from our front door

a snowed-in Mouse cat

little birds around the spotlights in the yard

It is snowing outside, and at eight in the morning Esme decides she HAS to go walk in it. I should have said 'No', right? But after you are brought socks, shoes and a jacket and told it is 'snow rain' it is a little harder to say 'No.' So - we went out in it. Of course we ended up at Grandma's house - but I told Esme she was still in her bed. And that Daddy was still in his bed, and that they were smart because it was COLD out here! She finally agreed that it was cold, and that we should go home and eat an apple. I told her we would probably go to see Grandma 'in truck' later.

This is where the Osaka dress is. Look familiar? Haha. I actually got quite a bit done on it last night and it is looking very good. Just as a pat on the back - I went to JcPenney online and looked for a dress that looks similar to this one. 20+ bucks, made of rayon and polyester, with ribbon bows all around the waist. Which means it would not wash anywhere near as well with as little care as I give the laundry. 100% cotton fabrics are much better for that. Plus I know this fits, and Mark wouldn't feel too awful taking her out into the woods in it if she wanted to go for a walk (when it wasn't snowing). He said he is amazed at how many thornpatches Esme's clothes have been through without much damage to them, and more importantly, to her. Clothes are meant to be worn and used - and this is still an 'everyday' dress.

I'll probably have four or five hours of work in on it when it is done - but if it is for Esme I don't count the labor ;) I spent 18 dollars total at the Hancock's fabric shop that day - for everything I bought. There are at least two more pairs of pants to be gotten out of that trip and the top of another dress. When the cost of fabric outweighs the cost of something at the store - then I might have to think harder about making her clothes. She'll probably start disliking 'mama made' just for the principle of the thing before that.

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