Monday, December 13, 2010

Can I have some snow?

Please mumum, have another snow in hand?

It's cold! (and wet, and runny)
Bunny dog is doing her 'laugh'

Esme asked me for snow several times again today - she wants to have it melt in her hand. Silly, silly child! But, curious - and I let her do it again today. All the dogs think it is very silly, too.

Grandma's dogs came for a visit
Iggy, on left. Tansy, on right.

Our calendar
She's putting the kitty on the right square.

She picked the heart stickers out at the store and gets one to put on the calendar each morning. Then we move the 'morningtime kitty' to the next day. I tell Esme what day of the week it is and what we are doing today. She thinks days of the week are like counting.. I think... she names them off while looking at her fingers. Then if she asks about Christmas I tell her how many 'morningtimes' the kitty has to go before we get to 'Christmas morningtime.' I see deep thought, then... and not always happy about it but *sigh* okay - now what?

The only thing she's not quite sure about is how the kitty gets back to the start of the line.... she understands sequence really well, but not when things 'start over' or are in sets. I've seen that in her counting as well - she will count three rows of three as 1,2,3 AND 1,2,3 AND 1,2,3 instead of counting them as nine... until I introduce the idea of continuing 4,5,6 and she gets it then. But - she doesn't know WHY we would stop or start or continue yet. NOTE: All of what I just described is entirely normal for kids who are learning to count!... but I find it fascinating!

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ElizabethEK said...

That is so funny that you started a calendar 'cause I was recently thinking about doing the same thing. You will have to let me know how it goes....