Monday, December 27, 2010

I need a new leaf to turn over

When it comes to work, I need a new leaf to turn over. I was so bored yesterday! I really just wanted to be home with Esme because she was finally in a better mood, less nose snork etc. And she really needs and wants me home to play with her. It is difficult to go out the door when you are being asked to 'give kiss, come sit on floor, play ball.' She is trying to expand her vocabulary again *hehe* - 'mumum wake up now I wanna play WITH you', and 'What are you doing UP there?', 'want a jellybean need a QUARTER' etc.. We'll be having conversations about why the earth is round pretty soon, huh? I feel like I was quite busy up until Christmas, and she played a lot on her own beside me some days. The weather has had some effect on me, as well - snowing making me worry about getting home in one piece. But, it all is what it is - and I need to try to change my attitude some, be proactive and sillier to break the tedium and all that. I guess that is typical New Year's?

Esme has been a much happier girl yesterday and this morning. She is watching a new dinosaur movie and giving the characters advice. It is quite funny!

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