Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas shopping

Went out with Esme for a few hours myself to get some Christmas items. She was very very good right up until we entered a store we hadn't been in together in over a year.. and she started asking to go see the mice... ?? What mice? She led me to the pet section and pointed at the cat toys. *roll eyes* Ok... so, how does she remember there are mice there and what luck was it there were STILL mice there? Yes. I bought her a catnip mouse for 99 cents - told her it was for the cats to play with. Then she was good again.

She also learned a hard but, I guess, necessary...lesson at the fast food. A child about two years old walked up to her smiling - and then smacked her right in the face :( Esme was all ready to give the little girl a hug.. and then she got smacked and scratched. The mother of the other child never even got up from her chair across the room - she just kept talking. Esme DID give the little girl a hug - then the girl tried to take her lollipop. Esme tried to give it to her - but I told her she couldn't do that (she'd already eaten most of it) and we should throw it away because she was going to have a french fry. Esme was still a bit shocked about the other girl (who didn't say a word the entire time)... and the little girl was still standing there at the fast food checkout when we went out the door.... it was all very odd :( and I did feel sorry for her if she thinks is that the first way to interact with anybody new... her eyes seemed to say she had to think about self-defense first, and making friends second.

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