Sunday, December 19, 2010

busy bits

Losing days - I have no idea where half of Friday and most of Saturday went. But it went, because I am sure today is Sunday. We are invited to a Christmas party tonight at six... I really don't see us going but said I'd 'maybe' think about stopping in for a few minutes. She really thinks we're coming... hmm *my wallflower tendencies are twitching* It is so cold out - I really don't want to leave the house at all today. There are several things I should do today... but I am lacking ambition and focus.

Just a few cute things -
Yesterday Mark picked me up from work and Esme led one of my coworkers all around the store saying she was going to show her something. Apparently they never found it. She saw Santa at a store we stopped by - but she didn't want to go up to him. He gave her a candy cane, but she wouldn't even say thank you without turning around and facing the other direction first. She was really really shy! Mark got Esme two new rubber ducks at the store - Christmas themed. They are immediately 'baby ducks' for the mama duck we have downstairs (who lost her babies last year sometime). So, Esme had to have a bath - even though Mumum didn't want one! She wanted to play with the new ducks in the bathtub. She asked for PT duty three times and actually did it... pretty wow for me to have one success lately.

She asked me 'Throw away a me, mumum, throw away this a me' about her lollipop before she climbed into her bed.. which is a progression on her picking up that sentence. She'll probably have it right soon, if she is paying more attention to it. She also asked for 'chips from the package of blue' yesterday and 'chips in green' today. We have two kinds of chips we keep on the snack table and she has to ask for them - now she is differentiating which kind she wants when she asks. I'm sure this upside-down syntax comes from me. I talk funny, sometimes...without intending to. Parts of my brain are 'upside-down' in that regard, and it comes out that way. But - I want to make sure she learns the right way to ask, too.

We gave her some bunny shaped graham crackers Mark wanted to try and she had a fit about them. She said 'No eat bunny cookie.' and put them in her empty cup to carry around the room. We ate ours anyway. She then said, 'Oh no, what have you done? My bunnies cry in my hand!' The bunnies got soaked in juice drops and she wanted to throw them away. I ended up eating all the ones in her drink cup as she gave them soulfully over to me one by one. She never did eat one *facepalm*... oh well. She does have square graham crackers she eats!

We also read 'Sleeping Beauty' last night for the first time. She has never seen the movie. She was confused - she kept asking where the Cinderella book was, and trying to read the words on the pages because they were new words and she didn't know what was supposed to happen. Exactly the right reaction! And then when she seemed to be lost, I read the story to her. She fought any idea of actually laying down and having her blanket on her. She wanted to kill the dragon at the end of the book 'take that dragon!' I took her big dragon toy and had him come up into the bed and she smacked him and made him go away. Then he attacked Daddy in his bed.. and he said 'take that dragon' and the dragon went away again to the floor near Esme's bed. To this Esme quickly (and with no prompting) said 'I lay down - I sleep!' Apparently dragons on the floor mean no getting out of bed or you shall be eaten...

Patterns I'm on the watch for:

McCalls 2936, date unknown

Simplicity 5169, c. 1972

I'd like to try a dress with these kind of sleeves/waist. I found these two vintage patterns with the style but haven't been able to find any of them anywhere near Esme's size. They seem to be available in size 6 or up, or not at all :( Oh well, save the idea for the future and maybe I'll make/find something later.

I ordered this and two others (including the second one above in size 6) from an Ebay seller... I have about two dozen patterns -- so why do I need more? I guess it is because I found this one that is SIMILAR in size 4... and the money was already there from my Squidoo account...

Simplicity 8714

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Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

Very cute. As for the bunny graham crackers (Annie's organic?), we had a similar reaction to them a few weeks back. Carter refused to eat them - even the chocolate ones. It is funny, because he has no problem with animal crackers or goldfish. Maybe there is something inherently disturbing about the bunnies :)