Wednesday, July 01, 2015

bits in summer

Esme: I was playing Sims today. And I found Klundge! You buy it in a store - the trapdoor place, and it is yellow and white. It is a spray, and it makes flowers grow all around you like *mine a marshmallow expansion effect* Have you ever bought Klundge? Me: Err,no ...I haven't *brain starts to dawn* OH - You mean Cologne? Esme: Does it have an 'e' on the end? Me: yes-and it is spelled like Bologna, because they are both place names. Cologne made really nice smelling perfumes, so they called that perfume Cologne.  Bologna made nice sausage, so some food we eat today is called Bologna, after their recipes.  Esme: Can we go there? For a school field trip this year? me: Where? Esme: Cologne. Me: Err.. it's across the ocean, in Europe. Esme: That's okay - we'll walk to South America and then go around. Me: OK, then - we will have field trips, but not to Europe. Esme: OK.....*sigh*

Some day she is going to read these and say 'Mom - I never ever said anything like that!' And I'll say - why do I have them all written down by age then...really, it's way too creative for me to make up on my own :)  She has started to enter into the same territory with words as she one did with signs - saying so much more than we expect with so little.  And, showing what she knows, at the same time.  She has been making more suggestions for things to do for school coming up in August..

Update on the teeth.  I am still scheduled for July 30th.  I am in variable pain - it keeps wandering back and forth across three or four teeth and ranging from annoying to damn ice pick sensation with throbbing.  The part that worries me is my neck, tongue and parts of my face will go 'just slightly fuzzy' - I can feel all the surface touches and it doesn't hurt, but at the same time it doesn't feel quite 'mine' or like the inside is on a different dimensional layer of time than the rest...  it doesn't affect my sleep like the pain.  I guess I'll have to take that as a good thing.  But the slightly numb feeling does make me worry that it is going to turn into something else....

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