Friday, July 10, 2015


Excitement?  No... but I've been awake more than asleep today - so the oral surgery effects are wearing off some.  Esme and I played some in Minecraft (she showed me her dragon city-esque habitats, and a new valley she made yet another house and mailbox set in).  I made her some scrambled eggs - during which there was a lively discussion about reproduction and why so many animals have so many babies and humans have at most usually two or three.  We also read a story out of the Curious George anthology with her. We also looked over some maps and talked about what a landmark is - ended up looking at the Cleveland stadium as a landmark.  She played Here Be Monsters with me some and saw the same map forms there... which will help nail them down for her.

And we are not officially in 'school' until August 3rd.. but I am getting her used to doing a few things here and there in order to make it not such a shock when we have to account for four hours a day again.  And she is mostly learning what she asks about.  The reproduction questions would definitely have counted as a science discussion - while breaking eggs and talking about us not having a rooster to make the eggs into babies we got on to talk about why our dog DOES keep having babies, and why Mom doesn' is quite an age - I'm going to have a more detailed 'discussion' with her this year...she has been getting little bits of it here and there (and the Emily show had some tasteful explanations worked in).

And now...I am torn between curling up in my bed with a book on my Kindle or putting some more Emily on the tv.  I'm probably going into work tomorrow at seven...teas and soups galore.  Most of my mouth feels normal except the spot they dug the deepest... it feels 'hollow.'

Article: Asynchronous checklist 10 things at Crushing Tall Poppies. Yes, Esme fits many of these...her language development is becoming less of an issue (except in writing) but the correcting every little thing (seeming disrespectful to the teacher) and the young emotional age, wide interests and deep questions that MUST be answered etc etc.. also the pulling her away from something she has found she likes leading to likely shutdown...oh yes.  She may hate repetitive information, but when she wants to pretend something in a repetitive way she will go for an hour on variations..and that grinds on me some.. and when I try to redirect it we are at odds unless we can plan something about equally as many things, keeping this link to go back to.

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