Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Idea File

We finally have a few running things in our 'idea file' of projects.. so I can start  a running post to keep them in for later.. -^- are Esme's own ideas.

-^-Aquarium of paper fish, find information in books, draw the fish/plant/animal and write a 'file card' for them
--Make our family tree on a wall in the house (social studies project in our book)
--Make a timeline with pasted pictures for our history projects / dinosaur info
-^-Make paper dolls and/or puppets on popsicle sticks and put on a play with them
---------sewing sock puppets maybe
-^-Get another large cardboard box and paint it with a scene
-^-Make a painting on plywood and cut it apart with a jigsaw to make a puzzle
-^-Make something bowl or jar-like with bake clay and paint it like the Indians did (this would go great with the story in the Spinners reading book)
-^-Go to the Japanese Hibachi restaurant
-^-Find more Make/Craft books and find more awesome projects
---------Maybe make this a library initiative to look for these kind of books to read and make notes

--Play recording studio (She made one in Minecraft, but didn't know exactly what it all included)... maybe find some resources to show what really happens in a recording session

--Try to find a place with more musical instruments to look at and try

-^-Learn Spanish 

-- Make an accordion book out of paper and draw or glue pictures inside of a story
--Use printed words to cut apart and tell a story - add punctuation and choose the words that make sense ie: catches/catch, and capital letters at the beginning vs. the lowercase version.
--Use these printed words to play a sorting game of verbs, adjectives and nouns

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