Thursday, July 09, 2015

Oral Surgery day after

They did the surgery yesterday.  The pain afterwards wasn't bad - they had given me something by the IV for the pain and started a prescription four hours after that.  I haven't taken the pills every four hours.. a little less than that, and it still doesn't hurt terribly.  The swelling went down about four or five hours after they let me go, and I was able to eat some soft things once I got home.  However, I haven't kept hardly any of it - as I am terribly nauseous.  I can't hold hardly anything down.. and have spent a lot of time sleeping and/or trying not to throw up.  Most of the bleeding stopped by late last night and there is just a little here and there.

Esme walked in the door just from Grandma's house where she stayed the night, and walked directly into me needing a bucket.  She was a little worried by that - and wonders if the medicine will make me better or continue to get worse.  I told her this is just a stage and I'm probably going to be a lot better tomorrow.  This is about the first time I've felt like trying to do something other than sit in the bed.  We'll see how much better I am tomorrow -- I called in and said I wouldn't be there.

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