Thursday, July 30, 2015


I'm glad to have another day off to get some things organized.  Summer has went by so fast - and the time leading up to the oral surgery was stressful.  Mark and I are both glad that I was able to get in at their earliest cancellation and get it done.  Gail at work told me there is a visible change in my whole appearance showing the effect of the removal of the infected wisdom teeth.  I don't quite see it - but I know I'm not as tired as I had been..and that is a good thing.

Esme is all ready to start her homeschool - and coming up with new ideas daily.  She is so much more grown up since last year - homeschooling has been very good for her.   Her language has advanced noticeably and Renee at work said she can see a new confidence in her now when she comes in with me to talk to my friends.   She is back to being creative, drawing, painting, building things everywhere... and she can use up her energy outside or with her sports equipment in the house without having to worry about schedules so much.  If I had been keeping 'track' of the last few weeks I am sure she would have gotten school requirements in..but I didn't want to push it.  I love seeing her learning be spontaneous and all the connections and questions that come from regular play.

Next week, though, we will be on 'official' school time.  I will be posting some projects to the blog as we move in the school year, but not the timed lists we did last year.  We will still keep those, but in our personal journal with her attendance.  Since we have so many big projects to do I know there will be plenty to blog about!  I also want to encourage her to continue her photography - as several people have commented she has a natural talent for it.

I am now at Level 5 in Spanish Duolingo, so I can help her more with her Spanish lessons as we move along.  I am trying to find (or print out another copy) of the poetry book we were going to read and illustrate - as I had found a few more to add to it.

Grandma came down today and saw our new pups and Esme was proud to show off her 'organized' room and all the things she has that are special.  She also showed Grandma the things she has built in the new Minecraft world and explained what they were.  We will be helping Grandma some more tomorrow, and I've asked her for her help in the family tree project in our Social Studies book that will be coming up in the first few weeks.

Article: The Benefit of Homeschooling - its Innovative, its Eclectic, its Organic, its Academic
This is written by Blair Lee, the leader of the Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Homeschool group.  It is an excellent article and reflects many of the reasons we are educating Esme as we are. 

Article: Success isn't necessarily a top college 
I will take that lesson to heart with Esme's choices for the school year.. she is making lots of progress and I still want it to be fun...  still want to go fishing and swinging on the swing and reading a fun book because it has great pictures etc...soul food. 

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