Friday, July 24, 2015

New Horizons Minecraft World

 Esme wanted to start a new world the other day.  So, we did.
We still intend to continue with Freeway World, but this was a change.

We each built a house and a bridge...and then we added a garden and a dock.
Our fishing dock in the 'magic lagoon'.  It kept returning a larger than usual percentage of non-fish items.  There is also a little library building I was putting some new books in about Astronomy, Geology and Paleontology (before we moved on to make the museum)

 Museum and treehouse
She built the T-Rex skeleton -and I built the museum around it.
She then suggested a 'pottery exhibit' about the Egyptians.

 'Egyptian exhibit' and T-Rex skeleton|

 You can see the T-Rex from the outside...

And even climb some stairs to go inside his head...hmm...not sure if that is a good idea ;)

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