Monday, July 13, 2015

Classroom Cleanup and Ideas

A clean magnetic whiteboard (our Christmas Tree never comes fact, she adds stuff to it all the time) and a clean desk area.  I'm assembling a few other things and sorting old stuff out.  She had to help remove all the toys and flotsam from the area, which she claimed 'wasted her energy for playing Frisbee.'  I said it was exercise of it's own kind to go put your stuff away, and we weren't playing Frisbee until later, anyway.  She's actually getting quite good at catching it now....throwing still needs some 'aim'..or attention to destination, as I would think is a better description.  The stuff she likes the best (plus the dictionary and atlas) are on her desk for easy reach.  We did a little dictionary work this morning and she drew a picture from her dream.

We are also planning our next supply order - some of the things from the last post...and one of these days soon I need to go buy paper, paint and dollar-store calculators.  I am forming a few worksheets and ideas for activities and stacking them in our go-to folder, as the thoughts come up.  She had a hard time getting through the 'p's in the dictinoary to find purple, so I included a little 'alphabetical order - what word comes before the other?' sheet format and saved it in our documents file for making new ones as needed.

Esme came up with a pretend 'aquarium' poster we add specimens to as we learn about them... I like it.  We are making a background for it,

 The Aquarium Board with file for info on the fish and creatures.

Her other idea was that we could put a file up on the wall to put our 'ideas' in...she would post ideas to me about things we can do, and I would answer back or ask questions to her in her file.  Those are on the left.  I like her participation :)  

 'Lab Experiments' on her toy rat with food and 'chemicals' (paper cutouts)

We went to town and got our paint, and paper, and dollar-store calculators.  I made us carry folders that have a calculator and a post-it note square in each one, and they say 'Math Spies : Homeschool Math' on them...the point is to go out and have math 'adventures' by adding, subtracting or multiplying things we write down on the notes - like things we see - prices in stores (big reason for the marked kits so the purpose is easy to see)  I put those folders in our library bag.

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