Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Wide Knit in Public Day

I knit in public!

I know some people are knitting all day, or at least most of it, wherever they are. There are big gatherings in Memphis and Watertown, TN - as seen on WWKIPDay's website - but I can't get to either of those.

WHERE: Although I have a big day of sneaky sewing ahead of me, I knit at the coffee shop and the public library today. I spent about an hour at the library (part of it outside on the walk, while I finished my messy iced coffee!), and met about fifteen people - remember this is a small town ;o) A few of them who asked why I was there ;o)

PROJECT: I worked on the triangular Theatre Shawl, which is now a little over 8" in height and 80-some stitches wide. By a little calculation, I estimated it will be about 225-250 stitches wide when it is done, but I don't trust my midnight math ;o)

YARN: I'm using the Fiery Wind merino that I frogged from Branching Out. I'm sure when I run out of yarn the shawl will be big enough for what I want - *cross fingers*

One lady said 'Promote the craft!'

Another: 'That is so smart, I've got to start doing that again.'

There were a few strange stares and one avid watcher.

Lots of 'Hello there, how are you?'
which was nice small-town banter :o)

But most were like 'Oh, you're knitting.. How nice.'

or 'Look, she's knitting.' (as if it were completely out of the ordinary)

Thought for the day:

Nothing makes you question the space time continuum so much as when you go to put a cup for tea in the microwave and find - already there - an identical cup of boiling water waiting for you.

Or should that make you question your
short-term memory loss instead? ;o)

Gotta see this cute video!
at Mahar Dry Goods

Linky: This made me laugh so hard! (the notebook pictures) - Potentially dangerous dishcloth from Spider Woman Knits found at Mason Dixon Knitting because Chris and CarrieK have both been mentioning the book.

In Other News:
I went into the library book sale to browse around. I came out with a neat puzzle, a wonderful 1953 'New Mathematics Course' book (for 25cents!), and a whole BOX of French-language books! (inc a 1917 novel and a 1929 primer!)

I was buying one French-language book and the puzzle when I saw the math book being checked in. I'm so happy! The lady looked at the French book and well.. Fortune smiled. Thank You! ((I don't want to get her in trouble!))

Now - off to sewing! Both of the cats are sleeping beside me taking full advantage of the quiet house and the air conditioner. Mr.J has went out to garden, leaving me time to clean the house and make toys!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for you!!! I'm going to mention the Mason Dixon book now because it's probably the coolest knitting book ever written. Really!

RheLynn said...

;o) I really need to take a look when we get near a bookstore again. I hate Amazon shipping charges - but now we hardly ever get to a 'real' bookstore more than once every few months (which hurts the geek in me, seriously!)

Chris said...

But if you save up a list of books, you can hit the $25 free shipping on, right??

What a terrible tale of that poor woman waiting to see if she would have jury duty. Ugh.

And sounds like you had a great WWKIP day! Renee and I knit for about 3 hours, but no one paid us any attention.

Carrie K said...

That would make me crazy, if they took my knitting away! It was bad enough in the airport on 10/1 right after 9/11, but at least I knew.

Nice haul from the library! I keep picking up Latin books, as if I'm going to teach myself in my spare time. Well, hey, that's how I finally learned to knit.

And after all the KIP talk, while I had my knitting with me all day, didn't knit a stitch. Unless you count my porch around 8pm tonight w/Hez watching the full moon.