Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mr. J

My DH J and I went out to the flea market today and he got an old coin he wanted from one of the dealers for his birthday.

I'll be joining the TRFLA (Tennessee River Fine Arts League) on Thursday night, and helping them hang a show on June 22nd.

My husband will be TWO whole years older than me for a little over two weeks ;o)

Yellowhite and the other remaining kitten went to the flea market too. (Not Radar - he is being kept). The man who took both kittens lost Yellowhite at the market before he could get to his car! I hope they found him - there wasn't any real easy escape out of there. I'll just have to hope that he was found :o( We will call the animal shelter tomorrow too, just to be sure no one dropped off a kitten found in that area. We want him to have a home - not be lost!


jen said...

Hey RheLynn -- I wanted to let you know your postcard arrived safe and sound! Thanks again -- it was a beautiful card. :) Pics on my blog ... http://jeniferknits.blogdrive.com

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. J from a fellow June bug! Aren't us Geminis the coolest?

Carrie K said...

What a dope. He lost him?

You're joining! Yay! And already pressed into service. Typical league. And good to do.

Happy Birthday Mr. J!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday, J!

Fingers crossed for the kitty. :(

Chris said...

Oh, StrangeLittleMama is looking for vegetarian summer food - there might be a prize! :)