Friday, June 23, 2006

Secret Sewing projects continue (amid the bedlam)

I took a little time off the SSPs, with the Memphis trip, and then... earlier this week I just couldn't do much work :o( Except, that is, the heap of coding work that is on my desk and the deep amount of procrastination I have towards wrapping my head around Python lately.

Geek Alert!: Today I have to get to work on the Python or else.
I have to add a 'compile sections' part to one of my previous programming projects - I tried once before and gave up on having the feature, because I was the only one editing the data and it didn't matter greatly to me. Now, others will be using the program (likely next week) and I have to get that function ready because not everyone else knows the system by heart (like the programmer). :o(
Babble, don't look too close!: My program takes entries from the user at the office and generates CSS and HTML with the current office templates, formatting and etc.. I made it because we were quibbling at one time about 'extra spaces' and which list function who was using etc.. and this standardizes all that, yet can be changed easily when we update the site. We're updating the site. We're adding more users to the program. *sigh* I need to update the program and also make it more 'user friendly.'

Anyway, this is about Secret Sewing Projects, right? The first one arrived safely, at its destination at One of Each. I send my thanks to CarrieK for giving me some advice on the Toothless Alligator prototype! ;o)

If I'm lucky, I will get to complete one project tonight and mail it tomorrow. The other project will get done over the weekend and mailed on Monday. I have been doing knitting, in lieu of the sewing this week -- more meditative and easier to grab a row on the shawl while I drink a cup of coffee and stare at code than to sew eyes onto something ;o)

Hope you have a good day! I'm off to bang my head against my keyboard. Luckily the girls are at home today enjoying the A/C and they won't get to witness it. *heh*

Midnight reading: I've gotten to the 'announcement of whodunit' in the Agatha Christie book 'Black Coffee,' but I forced myself to close the book there and not peek until tonight! Suspense! Yesterday before the gallery hanging I was super early and walked over to the library - picking up 'Her Majesty's Wizard' by Christopher Stasheff in the bookstore (review). Not entirely by coincidence for this post, the other book I have by him is 'A Wizard in Bedlam,' which I enjoyed reading!


Carrie K said...

What? On purpose suspense? I tend to read until the wee small hours of the morning to find out who did it. And sometimes for the "why" because reading the last few pages doesn't explain it sufficiently. So annoying.

Headbanging on a keyboard! What fun.

Chris said...

I just went and put a wizard book or two on my list at the library. :) Have you read any of the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher? They are great!!

Hopefully your coding went well... I wish I knew some actual coding languages and not just SQl.

Leslie Shelor said...

Keeping sane in the bedlam is a great purpose for your projects! Love the little creatures; fascinating! Thanks for visiting the bunnies (at my blog)!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Alley Gador! LOOOOVE!