Sunday, June 04, 2006

Finished kangaroo and other Sunday things

Finished Kangaroo and roo joey too ;o)
Mom is 6" tall.
I had to use the tweezers on the joey to turn her right-side out!

Tiger in progress


Watching the Air Conditioner

It is a source of great confusion for them
when it goes off and on repeatedly.

I should be working on my dragon.
The art meeting is tomorrow night.

Tea Swap Pal: I'm sorry to hear about the family difficulties :o( I'll have you in my thoughts that everything turns out alright! **big hugs if I knew who to give them to!**


Chris said...

The joey is really cute!

Hee hee - I can just picture their feline confusion. :)

Carrie K said...

I just love those two watching the a/c!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I LOVE your sketch of Sallymander! It's beautiful.

Isis has that thing with the a/c too, not watching it, but she stops stock still in her tracks(a big deal for a 10-wk-old kitten) and gets that look of complete bafflement when it comes on and shuts off. Too funny! Such a great picture.

amandamonkey said...

Wow! I'm just catching up and you have been one busy lady! nice job on all the recent stuffies - and happy birthday to J, too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work on the Kangaroo and Joey Marie - they look fantastic!