Friday, June 09, 2006

Knit Silent Knit Deep

Happy Birthday to Susan at Knitiot Savant!

Sewing Tomato by Marie Winger-Meyer - KnitOwl 2006
This is definitely something I can get into
WIP (work in progress) Fridays!

Can I still do that with Illustration Fridays?

Well - my silent knitting gets a row or two here and there - there are three projects that sit on the back burner until I have a bit of time in the right place to work on them.

May/June sock (first one)
This sock I've been knitting (forever) needs 2.5" of toe before it is done. I hate having long rabbit feet. I'm at the stage where I have to 'try it on' to see if I need to decrease - so I'm not bringing it to work with me now. I really need to get my version of the pattern written down.

Branching Out
I am stuck at two repeats on the double pattern. It takes more concentration than I have lately - and travelling with it proved to be a no-go.

Theatre Shawl
This is based on Harriett's idea of a car shawl - to keep you warm when someone has the A/C cranked way up ;o) I have 6 inches knit on a simple triangle-shawl (on a circular needle) - mindless work that I can bring along with me and not worry too much about.

Other News: I'm doing crafty super-secret softie stuff that will not be shown on the internet until their receivers get them! I'm way overdue on this and I want to get it done now that the custom kangaroo and tiger have been mailed.

J wants to go garden again today - and the website we help manage is going to undergo a major style/function/code overhaul in the next month... which is going to take a lot of my time :o( and frustrate me more than a little bit here and there. I hope Blogger stops acting up and I get some projects finished in between ;o)

Have a great day!


Obsidian Kitten said...

omg! OfficeDepot (or Staples, or OfficeMax) is totally our idea of hot date. Our OfficeMax is next door to Best Buy...gotta take a cold shower after that one, lemme tell ya! (Michael's or Hobby Lobby, also good.) And geeks like us go to Arby's for dinner on our wedding anniversary. (um, yes, we really did last year)

Chris wanted to have the Imperial March from Star Wars playing when we came down the aisle, but I did draw the line there...

Lynn said...

Dear Ms RheLynn,

I like your site. Who doesn't love crafts. ESPECIALLY knitting.
I would like to invite you to participate in a special forum for International Webloggers Day. If you would like mor information please check my site. Webloggers Day is June 14th. I am running a forum from Canada and would be honoured to have you participat in our forum chat. Thanks Lynn Tucker

Carrie K said...

Rabbit feet? LOL! I've got duck feet myself. Short and wide. Bah.

Gardening is good.

MI:3 sounded boring. ITA with you on the non stop action thing. I saw......some bomber movie w/Tommy Lee Jones & Jeff Bridges that was so full of "gotcha!" moments that I actually stopped being got. Which for me is amazing.

Theatre Shawl! great idea. What is it with people who blast the heat on days that are cold outside so much so that you have to wear beachwear to be comfortable, or run the A/C so high in the hot summer that you need to wear a turtleneck?

Yeah, I'm a little tired & cranky today. Sorry for highjacking your comments. ;)

Oh, and guess who hasn't sent Mr. Sloth to his rightful owner yet? he's so cute though! I might just bring him with me in September when I visit.

RheLynn said...

Obsidian Kitten: ROFL! ;o) Hey - I worked at a Michael's store for 5 years in college. I miss it so much. :o( I had the entire store inventory and item location in my head, almost down to the peg. (What a weird thing my photographic memory is.) They didn't want me to leave!

Carrie: Too funny on Mr.Sloth! Maybe Hez and him can get acquainted *nicely* by then ;o) Highjacking? Who is highjacking? I agree completely with you on the temp thing. I'm so glad Harriett gave me the idea!

This international weblogger's day looks interesting - especially since I was a zombie-sleep person on 'day in the life of a knitter' day ;o) I signed up!

Chris said...

International webloggers day is intriguing - thanks for the link. We'll see if I get it together to do it, tho! Lots of knitting going on! And secret craftiness. Busy busy busy!