Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home again, with knitting

I took some pictures, but I can't post them until tomorrow :o( I was dumb and left my power cord for that computer at work!

We came home from Memphis late last night, one day early. J and I both called our fathers for Father's Day. My stepfather has come through some major medical issues just last month, so we are very grateful.

I liked Yarniverse!, but kept myself pretty close to my spending limit. (We went a little overboard at the numismatist show...) The lady there also confirmed I am a continental knitter, which I had been mostly sure of, but wasn't positive about.

Dual Purpose Knitting Experiment
  • 1 skein Tahki Cotton Classic (110 yards)
  • 5 dpns size 6
  • curiosity
  • 1 knitter that doesn't know what she is doing.
What did I end up with? A bag that holds my yarn while I knit, like a sock kit! While talking to my mom on the phone (because I want to make her one, if I can remember how I did it) I realized it can hold a mug of hot coffee or tea quite easily too, and since it is cotton, it works like an oven mitt for your hot cup! :o)

I'm sure there is a pattern for one of these on the Internet too -- I just didn't find it this morning when I went to look.

My other booty: 2 skeins of Wildefoot, 1 skein of baby alpaca (so soft!), 1918 and 1934 tiny silver coins (for me.. I gave in!) and 'Black Coffee' by Agatha Christie.

The girls are so happy we're back! They followed us closely all around the office to make sure they were coming home with us for the night :o) Today they've been playing and lounging near me all morning.


Chris said...

Sounds like a nice break!!

Hmm, must see picture of this knitting experiment when you have the power cord!!

Carrie K said...

A coffee mug cosy! Yeah, I know you said something else too, but coffee....

I bet the girls are happy you're back! Glad you had a good time. Waiting for pix....