Monday, June 26, 2006

Cats and socks and something in your eye

In memory of Radar and Newt
I found pictures of beautiful Sugar when looking on Flickr. If you live near Gainesville, Florida, this black and white female 'tuxedo cat' is very cute and looking for a new home! Her owners declawed her, then sent her back to the Gainesville Pet Rescue because they didn't want her anymore! Poor kitty!

If you live elsewhere, check out 1-800-save-a-pet for adoptable pets in your zip code. You could also foster a pet, the Lookout Ranch (who put Sugar online) fosters kitties that the shelter can't hold.

And remember Rebekah's Critter Drive is still going until July 15th! So many knitters are making things for the dogs and cats!

Something in your eye <-- use small child instructions on husbands!
It took an hour for me to get a string-like thing out from under his eyelid because he wouldn't open it!

Pictures of our two very lively kitties, Sally and Willow, being silly

How's the Weather Down There?

Willow says: 'Grr! My Toy!'

'Nope,' Sally says, 'Mine!'

So, not quite a pair, huh? j/k ;o)
I wonder when I'll get around to knitting
the other two socks.. Christmas?

book on table: 1951 Helen Traubel - The Metropolitan Opera Murders - hope it's good.. another 25 cent book.


Chris said...

I like your "pair" of socks!! Come on, you can knit the second socks... You can do it...

Carrie K said...

Your socks are cool! Who says they're not a pair? opposites attract & all that.

The book sounds interesting. 25 cents on the cover? Or what you paid for it now?

Cute silly kitty cats.

Obsidian Kitten said...

just noticed the jacob sheep link on yr sidebar--i LOVE those!

RheLynn said...

25 cent cost at the library bookstore. They get such great things there, the books go to good homes (instead of a dumpster or warehouse) and the money goes to help the library! Yay!

Carrie K said...

I love that. Our library does it also.

Lynn said...

The Socks match the M and M lounge pants perfectly!

Lynn Tucker