Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Hard Day's (Work)

Once again, a reminder if you live near Gainesville, Florida, (or are willing to drive there) - this beautiful girl needs a home! I asked her foster mommy if I could post a picture to help her along!

Meanwhile.. at Work
I had a long day coding - and lots of other things that kept me, at times, from coding... *whew!* I also caught these pictures while J worked outside on the porch and I sat on the floor in the office building.

They work hard, don't they?
These cats try to fake it, toolbox and all.

I like this one for some reason.. very nostalgic.
It also shows Willow's Manx back legs pretty well.

Willow gets into my purse.
Anything in here for me?
She's never done this in front of me before - so brazen!

Willow says: 'Ah, I know THIS is mine, right?'

What she was after.
The scrappy beginnings of a critter blanket!

Oh! And my counter might hit 5000 today!!! Yay!
I can't hold a contest until at least August though, so many things going on in July. We'll be travelling to convention for work, moving someone into a new house, and maybe starting to work on clearing our land in Mixie (if that goes through completely -- should soon).


Chris said...

So much going on!! *fingers crossed* for you land deal to work out!

Great pictures today - those kitties, such a life! :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

such great pics...

good luck with mixie (mostly i just love the name, *giggle*)

amandamonkey said...

Nice kitty shots. If Teak senses a camera within focus he lays back his ears.

I need more stealth.

Good Luck with the closing - I know how pins-and-needles that is!

Kelly said...

I wish I could take Sugar, so cute. Good luck with the land deal.

Carrie K said...

Mixie? What a cute name. Crossing fingers on the deal for you!

I love how the cats hang out together. And Willow has a point - it's a critter blanket. But tsk tsk. Going through her mother's purse. I'd've been grounded for life.

Nice bright colors for the critter blanket too!

Kimbre said...

I just love your kitties! So cute!