Friday, June 02, 2006

I see a Long Weekend coming Up

A Meeting of the Minds
Yellowhite, Radar and Willow
in the midst of a conversation in the office.

I called the art director today, and she said that as long as the toys were 'artistic and creative' and not 'crafty and kit-like,' they would be acceptable. Hmmm... that is a fine line in some cases... but my toys are anything but kit-like, I hope! She also suggested to bring some other things, like the ink drawings, that I do just in case. I forsee a long weekend - of scrambling to get my dragon done (he's not yet!) and seeing what else I would like to make/bring along.

A wire kangaroo made today

And again, after a spinal cord adjustment.

kangaroo skeleton pic from Univeristy of Edinburgh
I have hopes of sewing a felt skin on this wire frame over the weekend.
I think this is a big step towards 'sculpture' instead of 'toy.' His legs are funny, but I have some thin silver wire at home to help flesh him out before I begin to put the 'skin' on. I have a blue zebra/horse of the same type that is half way through getting his skin sewn on already.

Linky: Artemis the cat gets into some napkin shredding! This is one beautiful tuxedo cat!

Linky: Pictures tagged with 'branchingout' on Flickr. 135 pics as of today!

Linky: Double branching Out scarf at Flickr. I hope I can do this! Sally sat (and pulled on) my project while we were driving today - ensuing disaster and frogging. (Note, knitting lace in the car with cats is a no-go!) I'll try again tonight. By my calculations, you can cast on 44 stitches and just knit the middle pattern double with 3 stitches on each side. When you get to row 10, knit two stitches before repeating the pattern to make up for the difference. It was working fine until in the middle of the second repeat Sally switched window seats in the car and landed right on my project!


Chris said...

Artemis is SERIOUSLY cute. Thanks for the link! I like the kangaroo as is, no "skin"... :)

RheLynn said...

He needed a little 'spinal cord surgery' but yes I think I'll leave him 'bare bones.' ;o) Thanks Chris!

Chris said...

Still cute. And oh-so-artistic! :D

Obsidian Kitten said...

I rly like your work--actually like the 'roo armature as is, it's so beautiful, elegant & sculptural with just the wire.

oh, and the "meeting of the minds" had me rolling!

Carrie K said...

I like him as is too. Very artistic. Not 'crafty & kit like'? but 'artistic & creative'? Sounds hoity toity, but yes, bring your drawings too.

Wow, that branching out pattern looks great. I love seeing what different people do to a pattern.

The meeting of the minds! Better watch out, that meeting looked serious.

Jumped on your project? Nooo! I can barely do lace in a quiet empty room.