Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm Unproductive

Such pretty eyes.

The girls are hoarding J's collection of half-dollars* for tuna.
Sally says they are really hard to transport like this.

I am so unproductive. I've been in a sewing slump, and just in general, not been getting as much done as usual. I guess I'm still bummed out from last week.

On the better side, I've finished Black Coffee, and a story from J's science fiction mag that blends Wizard of Oz with Babylon 5 (Kansas, She Says, is the Name of the Star). I'm almost done with Her Majesty's Wizard.

We went to 'Cars' last night - it made me laugh a lot. That helped some. I highly reccommend the movie - there was one scene in there that was just priceless, the whole audience laughed long and loud just at the premise of it.

This whole house is a wreck. I really need to do something about it before tomorrow.

My batteries were almost spent, but I wanted to
catch a picture of this while she was still doing it.

Willow says Mr.J's fire proof safe (which we got off Freecycle and fixed the lock on a few weeks ago) is a perfect fit for cats. Silly girl ;o)

Willow's Toy Story
Mr.J was playing with Willow soon after this picture, with her 'favoritist toy in the whole wide world', which consists of a piece of heavy fabric tied on a long string. We call it her 'grasshopper,' because that is what the game is a lot like.. we make it hop across the floor, she grabs it in midair with both paws.

Well - J got it close to the floor fan and ZOOM it goes into the fan. You should have SEEN Willow's face! It was so sad, yet hysterical.

Mr.J turns off the fan and goes to get a plastic chopstick to retrieve the toy... Willow stares into the fan chirping with a quizzical 'You in there? You still alive?' look. So sad. J did finally get her toy out, unharmed even! Now, Willow is avoiding the fan completely - jumping around it to get by as if it were a dangerous snake.

*J opens rolls of the half-dollars and looks through the dates. Then the girls like to bat them around the table and onto the floor. The half-dollars also confuse the locals when he spends them at the gas station and whatnot. Often the clerk will look down at the money and ask 'Is this real?' or 'What is this?' Mr.J finds strange entertainment in this.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i've been feeling the same way...very ADD about, well, uh, pretty much everything.

and for me it's fun-with-dollar-coins...back east the subway gives them as change, and you canuse them on the train and the bus. here, they cause much confusion and many stupefied stares. i suppose it doesn't help that they look so much like quarters...

the girls are priceless, indeed!

Carrie K said...

Whereas I like handing over dollars & change for items that the clerks stare at in confusion - (but I said it was $12.37, why are you handing me a twenty, two ones, two quarters, a dime and two cents?)

Oh, productivity, schroductivity. What is with this endless quest to produce? There has to be time to just be. Or just fiddle around.

The girls are so cute.

Chris said...

I feel the same way! Your kitties have been busy this weekend, haven't they? :)

Kelly said...

I must just be this weekend. I wasn't very productive either.