Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Knitting Experiment Pouch (with pattern)

Farm News: No Newt yet - a neighbor's dog also turned up sick and was saved by a vet this weekend - for organic phosphate poisoning... I'm not sure what that means, but is suspicious. The dog fell unconscious with a high fever on Saturday, and was taken to the vet where quick action on his part saved her life. Since there were no marks on Radar and no other sign why he died -- and no sign of Newt for several days... I wonder. Willow was sick last Thursday and Friday for a short period of time - she got sick in our car and then laid in my lap for hours, but she had recovered entirely before we left for Memphis. She isn't an outside cat either - and she has all her vaccinations (which Radar didn't have yet, he was just barely 10 weeks old)

I think Stefanie and CarrieK had it right, I looked at the MDK book while I was in the Davis-Kidd bookstore in Memphis. I'm just not a 'pattern-follower' type of person, not usually at least.

Is the MDK washcloth flat before it is drawn up? This is really poofy there at the bottom, but when it is drawn into a pouch it works perfectly, kind of like the bottom of a 16 oz. bottle of pop - that lobed flower design.

I guess I'll just keep calling this a happy experiment - one that turned out to be something :o)

I tracked down (almost) what I did by trying it a second time.
I don't reccommend Cotton Twist for this though, the extra twisted string kept snagging on my needles and looking like my cats attacked the project.

Beware, as I am not a pattern follower, I am not a pattern writer much either! I call my pattern writing style 'narrative text' - but you might just call it naive knitter :o)

Knitting Pouch or Coffee Cozy.. you choose.
the prototype

This pattern has moved! Sorry!
All of my patterns are now at Knitting Pseudocode.


Update June 21, 2007: This pattern can be found at http://www.sovereignit.com/warploom/knittingpouch.shtml

Please use this pattern for your 'personal use only.'!
*You can make it for gifts and for yourself, you can mail your non-blogging friend a copy.. just please don't sell it, sell the bags or use the pattern to promote kits and products. Thanks!

If you make one - Let me know! I would like to see what others get for results! :o) Thanks!

I wonder - can you tell I'm a computer programmer? ;oP I think that pattern looks like some of my recent code! *grins*


Anonymous said...

Oooh. I can't wait to try your pattern. Very cute.

The organic phosphate poisoning does sound specious. Maybe there's a sweet tasting fertilizer lying around somewhere?

Liz M. said...

Cool bag! I think I'll have to try one! And yes, I do sell my yarn. Just sold a bunch last month in Southern Indiana. Let me know if you want some, I'll send you pics of some of the stuff I have. There's tons... :)

Carrie K said...

I love the explanation of the instructions. I wish they all did that.

Oh no. It does sound suspicious. Poisoning? That's horrible. I hate the idea that there are people in this world that are capable of that. But maybe it was left out by accident, or without realizing the possible consequences. It still is horrible.

Chris said...

Thanks for the pattern! I'm bookmarking it.

Oh no about the poisoning... :(

Obsidian Kitten said...

oooh, knitting pouch, so cute! kinda like a 'roo pouch, but for yarn, woohoo!

that's so weird, and scary and awful, about the poisoning thing.

I'm so sorry about Radar! =(
Willowpede has been fine since, I hope?

RheLynn said...

Willow is so fine now, that she just snuck out of the office building had a standoff with another old tomcat that lives outside our fence. She decided she was too chicken :o) and ran back to us. I'm glad!

She's back inside now and Sally has thoroughly licked her head and then batted her over it soon afterwards -- 'What did you do that for? Why couldn't I come with?' (I could just see the conversation going on in my head :-P

Jennifer said...

That is such a cute bag. I may have to knit one up this summer.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment on the loss of our Ashe. We miss him very much.

stuffed said...

Cute! And, LOL at the kitty convo in your head.