Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is it Thursday already??

*sighs* - I have so many little creatures to get done!

A litter of three to go with the kangaroo
The red one has a bit of an atomic glow in the 90 degree sun...

I still need to finish the joey on the kangaroo - but these are so quick to stitch up, I did them first. We are putting molding and trim in windows at work - and putting excess computer stuff up on Ebay.

Knitting News: I'm pretty sure I'll be frogging the 'Branching Out' scarf and trying again in another colour. I haven't gotten around to that yet - not sure what other yarn I want to use. Still waiting on KTS! I'm so glad Suzie, the swap organizer, has said the next swap is in September! That gives me plenty of time to stock up on cool out-of-the-ordinary things! I ordered a pair of size 6 dpns from Playing Hooki on Etsy and they look wonderful! I'll give a better report once I've tried knitting with them tonight.

Art Show: I called the program director this morning and she gave me the date and time for the next meeting of the Tennessee River Fine Arts League - which is showing at the Arts 'Round the Square event. I hope I can beat down my inner introvert some more and call the director for the group tomorrow about it. Are softies 'art'? I feel they are. But then, I also have other art activities that might fit in better with the group - we'll see.

Take a look at this GREAT softie over at the Craft Itch blog! I really love what Jhoanna is making!


Chris said...

I think your softies are art, but is the show hardcore about art vs craft??? You do so many things that even the hardcore couldn't quibble over as being art...

Heh, that red kitty does glow!

Carrie K said...

You definitely qualify as an artist, so call the director about the Fine Arts League and THEN GO.

Anonymous said...

CALL THE DIRECTOR. Life isn't fun if you don't stick you're neck out and take a chance.

I love the kitties!

I started a Branching out and I'm using a blue from the Knitpicks pallete. I think it's called Pool.

RheLynn said...

Well, thanks to all three of you - J says I shouldn't even do my 'backup plan' (boy am I a wimp or what?) of making some new drawings for them just go 'gung-ho' on the softie idea. I'll call the director of the league tomorrow.

Susan: I have some of that same yarn - but I'm not sure if it is currently part of my May/June socks or not. I'll have to take a look. I know I'm using two out of the three blues from the box of Palette in them!