Monday, June 12, 2006

Midnight Knitting Math for shawl

In between knitting bits onto the Theatre Shawl - I've gotten one of the secret sewing packages finished and sent off this morning. The second secret package is about half done - and I need more materials for the third one tonight. Each package is going to a different person - and that is all the information I'm giving out :o)

The stTS (simple triangular Theatre Shawl) is now 11" from base to tip and about 103 stitches wide. I really have to figure out the math on this better.

I could be completely crazy on this, but here it is.

Shawl specs: I am knitting a simple triangular shawl in garter stitch. At the beginning of each row, I knit two, yarn over, and then knit to the end. It is like a giant half-dishcloth. But then - I just want a warm shawl to pull around my shoulders when they freeze me out with the A/C in the movie theatre here.

I Consider: The triangle's angles will be of the same proportions when I finish it as it is now. So, that means I could use a simple ratio formula to figure this out.

STEP 1: I measure my shawl and count the stitches.

(current) LENGTH / # of Stitches = Approximate GAUGE

STEP 2: I divide the approximate length of the long side (now 19.75" and 103 stitches) by 11" and come out with about 1.795. The length is approximately 1.795 times the height of the shawl.


STEP 3: Then, if the minimum base to tip 'height' I want is 24" - I multiply 1.795 by 24". This should give me the minimum 'length' which would be a tiny bit over 43".


STEP 4: If I am knitting approximately 5.25 stitches to the inch, then I would need 227 stitches in this gauge to get a triangular shawl at least 24" from base to tip.

Approximate GAUGE * DESIRED LENGTH = finished stitches#?

So, am I crazy, did I mess up? I guess I'll know in about a week. Seeing as the shawl reaches almost both ends of the circular (without scrunching), this might be the last time I can measure it without putting it on a piece of yarn or another circular for extension.

This Saturday: Maybe I'll get to go here --> Yarniverse in Memphis, TN., but if we get there too late, I'll have to hit Michaels and Hancock Fabrics instead. We will also be lounging in a bookstore until closing time, I am sure :o)


Chris said...

You are so mysterious!

Ack, the shawl math is breaking my brain....

Kelly said...

Math in the morning, och!

Carrie K said...

The shawl math is fun. It works out the same way for me, RheLynn, but then again, my knitting always seems to defy my math.

Oooh, sic it is my word verification! Watch, I won't be able to type it in. I hardly ever can on the first try. And, no.