Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fingers please don't fail me now!

I have a lot of work to do tonight and tomorrow. I was sucked into garden work most of the day today - and my fingers are NOT nimble for sewing - even though they had better get that way FAST. Something about pulling weeds, digging rows and etc etc makes them stiff and me crabby. Oh well :o(

Anyway, I did get two little kittens done for the shop and I found this beautiful cat picture on Flickr. He has such red fur and green eyes! Wow!

If you haven't seen it - Knitiot Savant shows Ken doll after a few beers and an introduction to knitting needles. Oh My! Just wait until Barbie sees those pics ;o) He'll have a lot of explaining to do!

I'm going to need a big bag of 'felt kitten food!'


Anonymous said...

Your kitties are just so cute. I love basket o' kitties.

Chris said...

That link to the red fur, green eye kitty - wow! So handsome!

What DO felt kitties eat, anyway?? You're about to find out. Knitted mice?

Obsidian Kitten said...

That IS a gorgeous cat! yowsa!

just to clarify, Ken got drunk because Barbie was off with Geronimo and GI Joe at the time. so as you can see, it was all her fault, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey :) Just wanted to let you know that your package is on it's way! There's been alot of family difficulties lately, which resulted in some lateness. I'm sorry :( I hope you enjoy everything I send your way! :)