Wednesday, December 19, 2012

we're on to the 6s and then the 7s...

Just a little note to myself.. both of these patterns are coming in the mail. 

Butterick 4543 size 7, dress with long sleeves
I saw this one and it was so very pretty... yet simple, yet compelling.
I went looking all over the internet until I found someone who had it for sale at a reasonable price.  It was a size up from where I need it, but then I thought - well, just at the beginning of this year I was sewing fives for her, and then it has bumped up to six recently with both of the last two dresses... Size seven isn't that far away, really.

Simplicity 6824 size 7 shirt, pants . 
They had this one, too - so I added it on mostly for the pants.

That, along with a coat and a full skirted shirtwaist dress I caught a good while back should provide a lot to choose from for sewing the next size up.


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