Monday, December 31, 2012

waiting on Tuesday, and the new year

Not much happening, waiting on a few days off.  Somehow I did get the first few days of the new year off.  It has been cold and gray, with chances of snow again but none yet this morning.  Esme said Grandma is sick -and I hope she feels better soon with this weather.  Esme has been entertaining herself as best she can with the spaceship, new fireworks on Minecraft and some new game of 'carebears' that involves several of her stuffed toys.  I have a little time before I leave in the morning, and a little at home before it is time for bed after work.  She said she was mad about my knitting yesterday - and I said that I had to work all day long, and not all the people who came to our store were very nice, so I was glad to be home and be able to knit a little before I had to go to bed at night.  She was still unhappy - and played her games around me and with me while I put on a few rows.  She was doing her super villain laugh and assembling buckets and tubes and toy creatures.  I did have a few couples come to work yesterday that just were not nice to be around - complaining and arguing with each other, talking about 'having' to return things they bought almost a year ago because the other didn't like it.  In my mind, if you have had a product and used it for a year... it is not returnable just because your partner decided they wanted something else.  You don't ask for money out of it - you put it in the garage or a flea market at the very most.  I guess people are just rewarded for behaving badly sometimes... as they were told they could do this if it would make them satisfied.  *dumbfounded*

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