Thursday, December 20, 2012

bit just before the Winter Solstice

My mom is in for heart surgery again today, in Minnesota.  I can only hope that all will go well.  I spoke to her some last night, her speech was very slow and slurry, but coherent.  I was sitting in my chair at the sewing table this morning thinking about that, knitting a little on a blanket - and how six years ago things were set in motion (in about that place in this very house, as a lady named Floy Lilley made what would become a very important statement about family and time and past and future...) that led to this point in the future, with Mark still asleep across the house, Esme playing computer and eating chips at my desk... and how in June that was all in jeopardy when last Mom was as well, because I went up there and got stuck in a very bad place at the wrong time.  I am so happy in my family here - and that is my hope for this new year coming, no matter what may happen otherwise - roll with the punches etc etc...  and give fierce hugs to Mark and Esme.  I'm off to work - will call and find out more from the hospital later today.

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