Tuesday, December 04, 2012

bits of December

 Dried beans from the garden awaiting next year's planting.  There are fifteen varieties separated nearly arbitrarily into four bottles.

Black Shackamaxon
Yellow Eyed Kenearly Beans
Hutterite soup beans
Whipporwill cowpeas
Mississippi Silver cowpeas
Florida Speckled Lima Beans
Dixie Butterpea Speckled Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Lina Sisco beans
Cranberry beans
Mayflower beans
Kentucky Wonder beans
King of the Early Bean (two or three)
Purple podded 'Tennessee Greasy' beans (disputed, large beans with black streaks)
one more 'unidentified' bean that is small, round shiny and white ground with black speckles


A little afternoon project, using up scraps from several of Esme's dresses  I've been using scraps for the Christmas deer and for some new rabbits I am trying to perfect the pattern on, as well. It was raining and cold again today. Luckily the rain waited until after we got back from town. These are coffee cups from a thrift store.. very pretty. We also got a few old books that were very interesting - one for Esme I may have to take some pictures of the illustrations

Getting some practice with fancier things... on a useful table napkin like Esme and I use when we are eating downstairs. I have been making progress on Esme's knitted blanket (which is turning out wider than the original one), and also on a wide wool scarf that might end up in the shop or I might just keep it.

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