Saturday, December 08, 2012

message bits

We've been hearing more and more about Esme's 'brain'... today in the WalMart she said she could not be still because she had an 'exercise' brain, and I would put my arm out and she would grab it and pull up and up and up and that is exercise.  I told her I'd rather not.. she is quite heavy, now.  She said the blue bucket was 'just what I've always wanted', and 'perfect'... She did not want to be 'bumped' as I was trying to lead her along in busy crowds, so I asked her to be moving her feet along and she said both of her hands were full, but her feet were not - so she could move her feet, but slowly, for one two hands were full.  *roll eyes* They were 'full' with a spoon and a sample cup of yogurt.  I sent Daddy a text message to tell him where we were and she said 'Message?  I see that message here, ok, see that message.'  I showed it to her and she read the words 'bread' and 'bakery' but could not read 'ready'.  She remembered it was Daddy's birthday and told Grandma that very well when she got into the car.  Grandma had left a coat in our car and she asked me if she could go tell Grandma that she forgot her coat... but it was a gift for Daddy, so that was okay.  She was counting animals out in the fields and doing a very good job - she counted twenty cows that I happened to count for 'checking'.. and she was right - it didn't even seem as if she was really counting it might have been a lucky guess.  She also met a slug on the window of our house - and said it was snail, which was very close - then she came upstairs and told Daddy all about the animal that had two tiny eyes and it was wet and we do not eat them, we talk to them, and they talk to us back.  She has also focused on the Wild Kratts games on pbskids... with creature power, and suits of animals like that, she has to get the animal plates, has to get them all.  She calls them 'wall tracks' - and I had to have her show it to me on the screen to know what she was talking about.

Happy birthday to our lovely Daddy and my husband Mark. 

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