Friday, December 21, 2012

waiting for Santa

Esme left her computer and went downstairs - we were doing other things.. but she didn't come back.  She was in her room, standing with the magic theatre box (a painted cardboard box with a door and a window cut in it) staring at it.  She says she is waiting for Santa, he is coming with toys.  I asked her when he is coming - she says she does not know, he is just coming, and she is waiting.

Mark and I walk out into the hallway, look at each other - which one of us is that?  Where does she get this from?  We have work on the extra atmospheric vehicle to do, today .. has she sensed that?  I bought a roll of clearance wrapping paper out in town today... and she saw that the Santa blowup decoration outside my work was gone, now... she was a bit distressed by that fact.  She has no true idea of 'time' yet - I've tried a few days ago to tell her it would be 'this many days' until Christmas.  But instead she is standing in her room waiting for him today?

Other strange thing:  She asked for a two pound dumbbell out of the exercise department for a toy, today - so she can be a girl that is very strong when she grows up to be a mama, and eats vegetables, and grows up very tall.  It was pink... and she actually did have three dollars left on her gift card so it was something I said yes, to.

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