Saturday, December 22, 2012

Extra Atmospheric Vehicle is Done (no pics)

We finished the present last night while Esme was up the road - at Gr's house.  She did not see it - it is hidden away and I only put the pictures elsewhere.  In other news, we all sat on the bed last night and watched the new Total Recall from underneath knit blankets (I was still working on the one I was under), and it was nice, although little girl bounced every 30 seconds... and eventually went off to play computer because 'kids watch cartoons, not movies' and she was 'being boring' and falling asleep.  How that child can be bouncing behind my back and on my head one minute and sound asleep the next... beyond me.  She went to bed so nicely after Daddy noticed she was trying to sleep at the computer, too... she had a hard day getting up early to go out to town with us (our air mattress needed replacing because of a cat), going to Grandmas, full dinner and 1/2 movie, then computer until zonk  For the record I have not wrapped anything else but need to... and the green sinus cold is still lingering on.  I had a beautiful dream about a teenage Eskimo boy, his friend and his little sister taking a journey through the dream world - to eventually save the little sister - and then trying to explain it to their parents afterwards.. it was like a movie.. I should try to find some way to write that one but it would never be as multilayered and significant as my kind of dreams are... the gryphon was gorgeous :)  Off to work.  The things in the garden were still alive yesterday - but not doing much.  I planted one of my sweet peas in the pot inside yesterday - to see how they will germinate.

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