Friday, December 07, 2012

birds and peas

I'm working on more little birds for the shop. I have a set of bluebirds and a set of chickadees nearly done.
This is the wreath I brought home from work - Esme says it is 'beautiful Christmas.' It smells nice, too! 

as I got a lot of them from a local vendor. 
I'm including one of the little birds in each package, as well.

Tomorrow is Mark's birthday, and also the 'visit Santa' day at my work - I have the wekekend off, so we are taking Esme and Grandma out to town.  I hope to get some of these peas in the ground in my garden soon as well, it says they can germinate in 40 degrees and above, but will take longer to do so the lower the temperature is.  They are very cold AND very drought tolerant.

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