Sunday, December 16, 2012

I need a pretty dancing dress for the show in the big town...

Esme had plans this morning at 8 am.. it is noon and I have gotten about this far... not bad for staring at the patterns for an hour trying to figure out what was simple enough for my brain today.  I have been down sick but her story this morning was quite coherent (if imaginary).  She said she had to teach kids how to dance in the big town, a long long way that a way, that is where it is - she needs a pretty dress, a dancing dress, so she can dance (ballerina moves) like that and like that, so I have to get up out of bed, not be sick, and sew a dress.  I was thinking to aspire to napkins today, or a little patchwork - so I stared through my stack until I found something simple enough I could perhaps not sew everything to the wrong side without noticing it... and then found a few fabrics that would suffice.   We will see how it works out.  I still sound like a Canada Goose when I talk, but not quite so much it is unintelligible.  Mark is getting a bit of it now, too - poor guy.  He says some childhood cold like disease has grabbed us and is going to make us suffer slow through it.

And she has been playing Creature saving on Wild Kratts on all morning and having me come read the things she can't understand on the test questions - but she is playing the actual keystroke and mouse parts of the games just fine - with a few despairs but we have told her she can do something else if she can't do that game - and she just dives back in and tries again, usually getting it.

She is eating her lunch and saying she is thinking she will to Grandma's today 'I was thinking about - I go to Grandma's, like that.' I say she needs to finish her food and then we will call and ask. She says: 'but, I will get bored from that, and I will cry.'  Oh really, now?  Then, maybe you'll have to stay home anyway.  Oh, No!  I'm all done with the two food, the drink and the ravioli, but, there is a little bit of pudding, like that (shows me the yogurt cup, makes efforts to start cleaning it out with her spoon).'

She says she is all ready to go see Grandma, with her boots on her hands.  She says she is the hand shoe master, and how can she go to the show now.  I told the Hand Shoe Master (as she is running downstairs playing patty cake with her boots on her hands, still) to change her clothes, put her shoes on her feet, wash her hands and then we'll call Grandma.

The dress in question, blue seersucker and cotton fabrics from stash
A little glittery tulle trim around the waist to make an otherwise 'plain' dress fancier.
Simplicity 9897 circa 1972 size 6

She is quite happy with it, and the cookie, and the cartoon after having been in a bubble bath. She couldn't look more pleased as punch if she tried.. I think. Looking at it - it kind of (kind of) reminds me of Merida's blue dress in Brave, as well.. but that is mostly the expression and wild hair with the similar color.

Note: She says that singing makes her brain mad - and the cheetahs bumping her in her game make her brain mad.. she was in quite a tizzy about that last night - so much we told her she could just go to bed if she wanted to keep it up (7:30!) So, she settled down and watched Clifford, but I kept hearing about the cheetahs from her position underneath a bucket at the end of the bed... and how her brain was still mad. *sigh* Five! She went to bed easily, though - even though I was too tired to read a book. We'll see how the morning goes.

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