Saturday, October 17, 2020

family learning to play Magic the Gathering again

 Esme and I played a game against each other tonight - her big complaint is that the game just takes TOO LONG... so I recorded both of the decks I had built and am going to to try to pare it down to forty card decks.  Forty cards were the standard way back when but I know 60 to 70 is what is used now.  But I can see her point - and especially it was her first game and so much to learn there.

I recorded both decks so I don't have to keep going back and forth saying 'What did I do last time?'  I had bought a green/blue and a white/black/red deck box to begin with, and a 'deck builder's box' with lots of lands and basics in it .. and I really wish I would have written down those original cube decks before I started building something I thought we could play...

I'd like to try the red cards that are in the box as their own deck.. but I think they are missing some essential creature types, low plays like 1 red and 1+red.  

 There is a little shop in the next town over I discovered while delivering mail.  I hope to be able to go in there and see what kind of individual commons and uncommons they might sell.. or if they are only new in package.  I did order 4 of one of the commons in Green I really thought was cool... but I am not going to go crazy ordering different things before I see what they might sell.


And after all of this - we have Esme's birthday stuff to open and that is a whole different game ;)  see which she likes to play better.

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