Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Sewing Machine

Singer Advance machine

We went and got this yesterday and it is working wonderfully!
It can help make quite a few things for the baby and speed up toys for the shop.

Burp cloths made from old shirting and new flannel, and a little prototype horse / giraffe.

We picked up more flannel to make a big stack of burp cloths for Bazooka. With the sewing machine they whip up in five minutes or less! Even the little horse wasn't too hard on the machine.

I've had a bit of a headache since Sunday - watching that closely. Tomorrow we go into the doctor for a checkup.

Blue Rabbit Tile
It's Done!
custom-made by Tasha Mack, on Etsy
who does wonderful pottery work


Chris said...

Fun new toy! I hope the headache is just minor...

Anonymous said...

Nice sewing machine!

Hope you get that headache taken care of.

Ladeewolf said...

Nice Machine, and the little horse is sweet. Are you getting too hot, too much light will cause them too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine - looks like you've been super busy! Love the horse/giraffe - the stripes are a great choice.

I was looking back on your list of items for your soon-to-arrive bub and two things that I always had lots of with both of my girls was body suits (we have a range here in Australia made by Bonds, made of really soft, breathable, stretchy, terry cloth) which were cmpletely wash and wear, and lots of nappy rash cream!

mrspao said...

Lovely sewing machine. Hope your headache is ok!